• experience
  • technical knowledge
  • realization and development of innovative ideas
  • use of complex technologies
  • quality
  • reliability
  • prints on continuous roll
  • technology
  • printing machines for garments already packed
  • printing machines for semi-finished
  • accessories
  • research

PTX 160

Inkjet Belt Machines

JS 180 B

Inkjet Belt Machines

JS 180 B Lite

Inkjet Belt Machines




KP 110

Inkjet Flatbed Machines

JS 180 FB

Inkjet Flatbed Machines


Steam Agers

Screen Printing


  • More than two decades of experience in the field of textile printing machines.
  • Understanding of fabrics, dyes and finishing processes
  • Determination to develop and realize ideas and the ground-breaking research
  • Every machine we produce is a unique system
  • Required result: at times even exceeding expectations
  • Inkjet printing is very complicated and the construction of a print head entails the use of complex and very costly technologies. We only use suppliers guaranteeing maximum quality and total reliability
  • Our models permit the printing of a continuous roll of fabric which is fed into the printer by a cylinder system, the diversified shape and function of which ensures that the afabric adheres perfectly to the blanket and does not move during printing
  • Our range of models also includes printers for semi-finished and finished garments
  • We offer a number of accessories which serve to complete the printing process and complement the machines.